Marita is a veteran Television Director/Writer, with 40 credits in episodic television in a wide range of genres, having directed repeatedly for the top producers in the USA; Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, and John Wells. Was hired by Ryan Murphy to be one of the first female directors on American Horror Story. Her TV Movies, both Thrillers and Romantic Comedies, have been highly rated on Lifetime and Hallmark Channels.

A versatile director, as strong with obtaining great performances, as she is technically with camera. Has worked successfully with acclaimed actors such as; Emma Stone, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sarah Paulson, George Clooney, Sally Fields, and is known for elevating performances of young and lesser experienced actors. Is very involved in the design of action and CGI sequences.

In addition to directing three movies in 2017, she undertook an expedition through the jungles and mountains of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, to photograph remote tribal peoples, wildlife, and visit many WWII sites on the 75th Anniversary of the WWII Campaign in that part of the South Pacific, including Guadalcanal. She interviewed many indigenous peoples on small islands, who simply never encounter outsiders. A talented global filmmaker, with cameras and drone in hand, she has explored some of the most remote places on earth.

Her journeys of discovery provide her with rich and fascinating life experiences, which resonate profoundly in her work. actors and crew compelling, stimulating, and interesting direction. Past filmic adventures include; filming Victoria Falls from every angle, (including White Water Rafting down the Zambezi River), covering Normandy during the 70th Anniversary of D Day, and Road Trips spanning from Europe, Central Asia, to Japan. Her poetical documentary "The Silk Road in Central Asia", (as a one person crew in Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan) is a one of her best writing examples.

Raised in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she attended Carnegie Mellon University for theater, and graduated from UCLA with a B.A. Major in Motion Picture/Television, and a Minor in Art History. Her experiences includes working in NYC Off Broadway Theater, and as a Story Analyst for Independent Feature companies. For a decade, she was one of Hollywood’s top Script Supervisors on high budget features, filmed everywhere in the USA, and as far away as Malaysia. She had thousands of hours of film production experience, before she made the move into Television Directing on the long running series ER in 2001.

Marita's inspirations comes from the study of theater and film history, art, architecture, ancient civilizations, current cultural anthropology, and great literature. Beyond Directing Episodic & TV Movies, the Trans Siberian Railroad across Russia is her goal for 2018.